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out of the loop out of my mind [Feb. 10th, 2006|08:37 am]
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[music |paul wall]

don't you hate it when one of your "friends" goes around telling everyone in the world something important but at the end of them telling it's always don't tell such and such. or don't say anything to Josh. then when you do talk to them you know what's up but they don't know you know what's up and you can see it in their eyes. i hate that. don't you think that words get around. does that person think i am stupid? what's worse is that if i had been told in the first place by the person it pertains to it would of been better than hearing it from someone else. it's just the fact of the matter. granted, there was no way for me to not get upset about this but is that a reason for me not to know, because i would get upset? i guess so. don't worry, i'm not going to shoot myself over this because it makes me happy actually. i glad i know what's up now but i feel like i've been lied to. they will let me know what's up in their time or maybe never. i don't care. i'm more worried about/for the one coming.

on another note, i am officially moved out of my apartment. what suck is that when i was officially moving the power Officially went out. so yeah, if you have never had to move in the dark count your lucky stars. the move was a three day event due to my working so much. i'll find a place soon and it will all work out.

i feel liberated in my life right now. i have let go of alot of useless feelings and many of these burdens that try a bring me down. there are a few things i stand on.
1. God loves me
2. i can't go wrong with the jobs i have right now. i never thought i would be making this kind of money at 21 and i'm moving up by the second
3. i am going to find a girl that i can love fully and she is going to love me fully. i've learned about the fake shit.
4. my family when i get older will benefit for my hard work and we will have nice things.

"to all yall haters out there tryin to tear me down,
i got somethin for yo ass. chop chop."